Welcome to Terry's Montessori School

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Mission and Philosophy

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Terry's Montessori has created a unique, home-like environment in which each child has the opportunity to develop his or her interests and skills.

The rooms in our buildings are divided up into different areas of learning: Language, Math, Science, Geography, Sensorial, Practical Life, Writing and Art. Due to the amount space each subject area is allotted, many extensions and variations of the skills are available to aid in a deeper understanding.

Each room contains tables and mats on which the children may work, helping to define their space. New didactic materials are introduced, rotated and graduated as the children's needs change in the environment.

Creating spaces that meet the needs of "The whole child" is what we call a "Prepared environment". We provide the prepared environment while also providing all day Montessori, stressing this is a way of life. Children learn in many different ways, so the materials and teaching styles must address these.

Montessori is about following the child, observing their needs, and adjusting the environment and teaching method. Children may work independently, in small groups, or with a friend. Montessori introduces children to the joy of learning at an early age and provides a framework in which intellectual and social disciplines go hand in hand.

Terry's provides a warm and caring environment in which a sound educational and developmental program is integrated. This atmosphere is fashioned to cultivate a healthy self image for each child, a sense of independence and order, as well as develop the socio-emotional and physical development of the child.

Mission Statement

Terry's strives to provide opportunities for wholesome and appropriate intellectual, emotional and social development for children.

We aim to stimulate curiosity and initiative, foster independence, and support social interactions. We hope to develop the ability to think, reflect, feel, and conceptualize in all children. We strive to offer an environment where the child's needs for affection, security, recognition, success and self-acceptance are always met.

As the children progress further intellectually, emotionally and socially, we are there to offer new challenges.