Welcome to Terry's Montessori School

419 Poplar Avenue
Wyoming, Ohio 45215
Main Office (513) 761-3836

425 Crescent Avenue

435 Crescent Ave

Two and a Half to Four Year Old Program

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The 2 - to 4 year old children attend the 425 Crescent Ave. location, referred to as "425". There are typically 5 homerooms with 6-8 children in each group.

Children are often in this building for one to two years before moving to the 3 - to 6 building. Most of the children have come from our infant / toddler building so they will be continuing to build on their Montessori experiences.

We do accept new students in at this level based on availability each year. The school is within one of Wyoming's old refurbished homes that have been converted to meet the needs of children. Each room in the home focuses on a different area of the classroom.

Children during the day flow through the rooms, working with the teacher in that space to challenge themselves while exploring materials. The different areas include: Language/Geography, Math, Sensorial, Practical Life, Science and Lg. Motor/Creative Play.

Beyond the classroom experience, a mulched and blacktop outdoor play space is filled with trikes, scooters, swings, slides, trucks and wheelbarrows and is available to children through out the day. Sign-language is introduced with each new unit and used daily. Afternoon specials include: Webby Dance, Art Explorers, Cooking, and Music/Movement.

"Mother's Nature" is an in-house field trip which comes four times a year and is aligned with the curriculum themes to help enhance the learning experience. Theme units are changed out every four to six weeks, offering children new vocabulary enrichment.